Zebra Psychology offers customised employee assistance programs that deliver a suite of face-to-face therapeutic intervention combined with online resources that can be accessed by individuals and groups as well as group training workshops. Our Employee Assistance Programs focus on the particular needs of each organisation but can include reinforcing organisational policy in supporting an anti-discriminatory workplace, dealing with and responding to workplace harassment (including sexual harassment) and developing and promoting productive and healthy modes of resolving and managing conflict. We also deliver innovative evidence based programs in mindfulness and holistic well being, and specialise in working with high level creative organisations. Additionally our practitioners are highly skilled in PTSD recovery and addictions. To register your interest, use the CONTACT page of this website.



Zebra Psychology offers a six-week program in developing personal resilience. The program consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours duration that are delivered by a psychologist and can therefore qualify for a partial subsidy by Medicare. This program delivers a series of mental strategies and behavioural skills that are rigorously based in the most up to date research into this aspect of the human experience.

The dates of the Resilience program vary throughout the year.    

Each program will only run with a minimum of 6 participants.

Cost: $150 per participant for the entire program.

To register your interest, use the CONTACT page of this website.